~~Introduction: This article aims to investigate the value chain of Muay Thai in periods of times. By comparing the ecosystem of Muay Thai with the well-known martial arts in the world. Kickboxing, Kungfu, Taekwondo and other Martial Arts were used as referent models to compare with Muay Thai. The transformation of value chains within different Martial Arts were investigated in the crucial study issues focusing on knowledge transferring system, training, and competing system, and global fighting business managing as comparative tools.
Discussion: With the finding of this article, it indicated that most value chains in different martial arts had similarly contributed to each of their aspects. Only the value chains of Muay Thai at the present time resulted differently from the others. The value chains in most martial arts have been existed, because of teaching and learning or knowledge transferring system which rely on the quality of coaching, teaching, and training rather than fighting on the rings. Competitive advantage in marketing strategy and marketing communication are the keys to lead up to the world class level and Olympic sports.
Conclusions: It is because of the focusing only fighting on the ring involved with wagering, regardless of knowledge transferring and quality of improving coach or instructor within ecosystem. The value chains of Muay Thai ecosystem have been caused in the weakness of the core products and services of Muay Thai in such a way of sustainable existence for new generation.


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